“Glowing” Outsourcing Company

Our Prospect

“Glowing” is going to become the global company from Japan. Especially we have understood the importance of China, which the growth of economy extremely is getting higher.

The mission of “Glowing” is not only on business but also on volunteer. We provide every type of contribution. From a tiny thing to a big matter, invisible and visible issues, we can make the new relation as long as it lasts any possibility about them.

Our Business

“Glowing” manages the developing company at China. And we basically work with Japanese companies, and then we cooperate with each other. Japanese companies can check quality of a system and Chinese companies provide us the higher skill. As a result, we can develop the higher and cheaper system.

Data input(Data Entry)

“Glowing” has another main working as well. Data input is good business for customers because of quality and cost. We have tied up with Chinese companies and already provided the Data input service. When we consider the difficulty of the task and it would be risky, we can take some formations according the task.

Attend business

“Glowing” can provide unique attend business. For example we can take customers to factories, introduce Chinese companies and have the customers to sightsee. We also have tied up with the company at China, which consists of private and public capital.

About us

Company NameGLOWING, INC.
Date of foundation2006/1/27
Home Pagehttps://global-wing.com/english/
Location2F-B 3-27-1 Shimorenjaku Mitaka City, Tokyo, JAPAN